Guangzhou SATA Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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flat head
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cheese head
Standard Category
JIS B 2804(ER)-2001
JIS B 2808(GH)-2005
JIS B 2808(GH)-2013
YJT 12001
YJT 12002
YJT 12003
YJT 12004
YJT 12005
YJT 12006
YJT 4032
YJT 4033
YJT 4034
YJT 4035
YJT 4036
YJT 4037

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 About Us
Guangzhou Sata Metalware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of spring loaded ball plunger assemblies. It specializes in producing all kinds of spring loaded ball plungers, spring plungers,spring plunger pin and ball point set screws. Our products are now widely used in lighting, communications equipment, electronic appliances, mold fixtures, instrumentation, auto parts, machinery, medical equipment, jewelry, furniture, toys and other industries.

We support non-standard specifications and elastic custom, stock spot samples are free, non-standard proofing fees can be deducted for large goods when the return conditions are met.